Lucky 7: Demon Reborn

I don’t usually post twice in one day, but I couldn’t resist doing this! I’ve seen this meme being passed around among authors on both Facebook and blogs I follow. I’m not gonna lie — I wanted to get tagged so badly. haha! And now, Cara Michaels hit me up! Woo-hoo!

Here are the rules:

  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript.
  • Go to line 7.
  • Copy down the next lines/sentences as they are. No cheating!
  • Tag 7 authors.

I picked my 7 from my manuscript, Demon Reborn: Leteh’s Quest. I’m still in the process of editing this novel, so while I have more than 77 pages, I felt that the 7 lines on page 7 were far better than the ones on page 77. 😉 Say that 7 times fast; I dare you. I hope you enjoy!

Leteh rose on shaking legs, kneeling carefully behind the boulder so that he could look out without being seen. More clearheaded than before, he scanned the forest, looking in earnest for the green eyes which had haunted his memories for so long.

As the fight continued, Leteh heard the witches’ spells clash with the demons’ curses. Their higher pitched tones lilted above the baritone calls of his demon kin.

Isgeblæd!” a female witch cried. Blue ice particles trailed out from her fingers as the ice curse sought out its mark.

And now onto the fun part! Tagging victims friends. 🙂

  1. Nicole Wolverton
  2. Miranda Gammella
  3. Randi Flanagan
  4. Keira Packard
  5. Marie Gilbert
  6. G.L. Overbay
  7. Lisa McCourt Hollar

Ready for your closeup, friends? Enjoy!


  1. One thing stood out that I’ll mention since I know you’re still working on this… you call the witches’ magic spells and the demons’ curses, and then refer to the witch’s “ice curse” at the end…?

    Otherwise, very nice, Jen! Love what I’ve read of Leteh so far and I really can’t wait for the opportunity to explore your world more. 🙂

    • jendauthor says:

      Ooh! Good catch. Thank you for that. I’ll make sure to mark up the manuscript right away so I don’t forget!

  2. MLGammella says:

    AH! I’ve been tagged! LOL Excerpt looks great. 🙂

  3. Like your story and will play tag

  4. I will be doing this, but I’ll need to touch base with you as I’m tech challenged and I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time

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