Can I Quote You on That?

Once upon a time, I was a fresh-faced journalist for my college newspaper. Full disclosure: I went to an all-girl’s college with only 500 full-time students total. It was an awesome gig and I had a ton of autonomy there. I had the helm of that paper from the second semester of my freshman year all the way through senior year. Loved that little paper.

But I digress … My point is that I actually like to interview people. While I want to spend my life playing God and making up shit creating my own characters, I find it fascinating to explore other people’s motivations for writing

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and hear about their processes.

So I have a idea. I’d like to feature an interview a week on the blog, and I’d like to start with my flash fiction friends — a sort of “Get to Know the Flashers” kind of deal.

No. Not those kind of flashers.

Would you all have any interest in doing that? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter if you’re game! I’d like to open this up to all kinds of writers, so if you know someone who would be interested, send them my way! My steno-notebook and I will be waiting. 😉


  1. I love reading author interviews. I look forward to learning about the habits of the writers you decide to feature!

  2. Sure, I’d be interested. @ChuckWesJ

  3. Don’t have anything published yet, but I’m game

  4. Sounds awesome! Sign me up. 😉

  5. MLGammella says:

    That sounds so very cool. Sign me to up, too!

  6. MLGammella says:

    That sounds so very cool. And I learned something new about you today. Sign me to up, too!

  7. Replying officially/publicly as I have in email. I’d be happy to be on your interview roster. 😀

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