The #FridayPictureShow ~ Week 42


Welcome to the late, late show. Sorry about that. Still trying to get into the groove of needing to get two children to two different schools at approximately the same time. I failed today. *sigh* I’d like to welcome another guest judge to the picture show this week: Kimberly Gould! She just released a new […]

WINNER! ~ #FridayPictureShow Week 41

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and thanks also to our guest judge, Angelica Dawson, for offering up the chance to win her new release, Blue Moon House. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Angelica’s book on Naughty Nights Press, Amazon,  All Romance EBooks, and Smashwords.  And now, onto our winners. […]

The #FridayPictureShow ~ Week 41


Welcome back! I’d like to welcome our special guest judge this week, Angelica Dawson, @angelicadawson! Angelica Dawson has been writing for several years and having sex a lot longer than that. Angelica is a wife, mother and environmental consultant. Her love of plants and the outdoors is not diminished by the bloodsucking hoards — mosquitoes and […]

Winners! ~ #FridayPictureShow Week 40


Thanks so much to everyone who participated and a special thank you to our judge, Rebecca Grace Allen! Don’t forget about Rebecca’s brand new contest that starts next week, the Sinful Sunday Flash Fiction contest! Take a gander at the new badge you could win for your sexy words! I’m looking forward to giving this […]

The #FridayPictureShow ~ Week 40


Wow. 40 weeks. It seems like just yesterday I posted the very first Friday Picture Show. And now, all these weeks later, it’s still going strong. I’m so very proud of that and happy to have all of you still along for the ride! *sniff* OK. Down to business! Rebecca Grace Allen is thrilled to […]

RESULTS ~ #FridayPictureShow Week 39

Thank you all for participating in our first week back after the break! Thanks so much to our judge, Jeffery Hollar, and our guest photographer, Corina Fiore. And now, over to the judge! As always, the quality of the writing by those who participated made this a really difficult decisions. The photo prompt was an […]

The #FridayPictureShow ~ Week 39


Welcome back! It was a much needed break for me and my family the past two weeks. We spent some time in Vermont and I even managed to capture a few pictures that I think might make an appearance in a future Picture Show. This week, however, I’m featuring the work of my best friend. […]

RESULTS! ~ #FridayPictureShow Week 38

Thank you to all who participated in this week with our great picture for the week! You all showed great creativity with the theme. Without further ado, I hand the post over to Rafe for our winners! Honorable Mentions Robin Abess, @Angelique_Rider: Really, depriving someone of killing a person who needs it is hard to […]

The #FridayPictureShow ~ week 38


Welcome to week 37 of the Picture Show and thank you to our judge this week, Rafe B, @etcet! You have reached the Department of Awesomeness. I’m busy being awesome right now, please leave a message. If you need some delivered, I offer competitive rates. And now onto our picture. I hope you enjoy and […]

RESULTS! ~ #FridayPictureShow Week 37

Thanks all for playing! Our judge this week, Nicole Wolverton, is offering a sweet surprise to the winner! So without further ado, I will get on to her winners and the details! 🙂 Honorable Mentions Miranda Kate @PurpleQueenNL — Nice pay-off at the end. Reminds me of those games you play at Halloween parties–you know, […]